Cycle 3

Fuck Athena

By Milin Li, Hope Erin Phillips, Jessica Blanchet, Monica Rikic

Fuck Athena is an exploration of networked feminist knowledge in cyberspace, linking concepts — cyborg feminst theory, gynecological biohacking, traditional and futuristic witchcraft — in both a digital and physical network of information nodes. Through reclaimed e-waste, fibre craft, and sustainable coding, the form of our network reflects its content, and hopes to encourage the discovery aspect through tactility and social interaction with cyborg carriers of our network.

Protest, Protest, Revolution!

By DAWN HANG YUE WONG, Amanda Tom, TONY HIGUCHI, Grayson Earle

Protest Protest Revolution is a multiplayer game influenced by our collective experiences as both participants and spectators in the Maple Spring in Quebec, the Indignado Movement in Spain, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York, and the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. The incongruous elements of humor, violence, confusion, and collective action which find unlikely intersections during political protests are present in this cynical homage to Dance Dance Revolution. Players must use spray paint, bang casseroles, take photographs, use umbrellas, take down drones, and throw back tear gas grenades to achieve victory. Otherwise, it’s back to electoral politics.


By Kailin Zhu, Titouan Millet, Tobias Wehrum, Peter van Haaften

A generative cloud-creature experience.

Magical creatures have escaped into the heavens, and the player must sift through layers of clouds to bring them back towards the earth. Using a set of five crystal controllers, the player wanders through a generative audio/visual cloud world to catch these lost mythical beings, and return them to their home.

Titouan Millet – Programming and generative visuals.
Kailin Zhu – Craft and illustration.
Tobias Wehrum – Programming, electronics, and generative creature engine.
Peter van Haaften – Generative music and sound engine.


By Nicole Pacampara, Kara Stone, Raoul Olou, Owen Bell

Utopia is a four-player game about personal experiences with oppression and injustice, and the navigating hope for the future.

To play it, four people gather in a circle around a projection on the floor. Each person sticks on two conductive stickers to their body in a place they are comfortable with, or in a place near their body. The game is activated by a person touching someone else’s sticker, which in turn activates a video or audio clip of someone talking about their experiences with sexism, racism, mental illness, poverty — or other factors that make life unbearable.

Some stickers activate audio clips about a person’s version of utopia: what they’re hoping for and working towards.

Cycle 2


By Owen Bell, Tony Higuchi, Titouan Millet, Hope Erin Phillips


Shoal is a collaborative ecosystem. Everyone that sits down at the installation adds their own fish shaped from their biofeedback. As more and more player creations join the pond it evolves into a colorful microcosm of each person’s unique energy.


By Jessica Blanchet, Grayson Earle, Peter van Haaften, Monica Rikic


WORMHOLE is a 2-player immersive space survival game. Using wearable electronics and a generative audiovisual system, the players are thrust into a mishap that collapses space and time. In order to survive the wormhole, players must successfully communicate via radio to correct imbalances in the ships navigational systems.

Tu es un bébé!

By Milin Li, Raoul Olou, Nicole Pacampara, Dawn Hang Yue Wong


Tu es un bébé! is a multi-sensory interactive experience allowing players to experience our very first playground, the mother’s womb. The game lets players experience what it feels like to be a baby inside a womb as well as the birthing process by seeing, feeling and hearing what happens inside. The audience also plays a role in shaping the player’s experience by sending feedback to the player through interactions with the belly.

Sensors Design/Programming >> Dawn Hang Yue Wong, Milin Li
Environment Design >> Raoul Olou, Nicole Pacampara


By Kara Stone, Amanda Tom, Tobias Wehrum, Kailin Zhu


(un)done is an intimate non-linear narrative game following a couple as they meet, fall in love, fight, and fall apart. Embody a relationship as you tie and untie yourself with another person.

The game consists of two capes with macrame braids and a generative video projected onto a woven screen.

Cycle 1


By Peter van Haaften, Nicole Pacampara, Kara Stone, Dawn Hang Yue Wong

The year is 2083. Earth has been overtaken by a contingent of small, furry, self-aware robots known as PUFFPUNKS. Originally developed by humans as children’s toys, the PUFFPUNKS advanced their learning capabilities beyond what humans could have imagined. Now, the PUFFPUNK seek to dominate humankind by transforming humans into meek and docile subjects by removing feelings and assuming control over our fleshbag bodies.

Designed for 1-4 future Puffborgs, half-human half-puff, players must attempt to please their robotic overlord PUFF6 by responding to its commands and submitting to its will. PUFFPUNKS uses Interaxon’s Muse headset to measure the level of calm, focus, blinks, and body movement of their subservient species.


Dawn Hang Yue Wong >> Robot Design
Kara Stone >> Writing and Design
Nicole Pacampara >> Programming
Peter van Haaften >> Procedural Music Engine Design

BattleBunnies 5000 in Space

By Grayson Earle, Titouan Millet, Hope Erin Phillips, Kailin Zhu

A fight to the death between rival space bunny colonies!

You and your opponent are rival mecha bunnies fighting for control of your small planet! Knock off each other’s baby bunnies to damage them, while making sure your own bunnies don’t float off into space or defect to the other side!


By Jessica Blanchet, Tony Higuchi, Raoul Olou, Amanda Tom

You’re going on a hike to the top of a mountain and you’ll pick peculiar looking mushrooms along the way. What will happen if you eat them? It all depends on you and your teammates’ focusing skills. Get ready.

Fruit Fever

By Owen Bell, Milin Li, Monica Rikic, Tobias Wehrum

Malnutrition is making you sick. Luckily, you have found some healthy-looking food! Pick up your fork and watch as what you eat changes your body. Munch your way to health in FruitFever!

Year 2014

Final Games


By Patrick Chan and Tuuli Saarinen

In a sinister society not unlike our own, a computer AI known as Agent Edward runs an experimental program under a secret government project called BIG TED. The sole purpose of BIG TED is to find scapegoats for propaganda purposes. This time Agent Edward is looking for four unlucky souls to take the blame for a staged extremist attack meant to draw the public’s attention away from new, more intrusive surveillance legislation.

Scapegoats is a local hotseat multiplayer game for five people. All five are innocent, but four will be convicted as criminal extremists. The game is played in rounds, with each player choosing a move and a target in secret; the moves are then played out simultaneously. The moves add to and subtract from the suspect’s suspicion levels, and the player with the lowest suspicion level at the end of the game walks away with a clean record.


Spacebro Justice Rocket

By Nick Kornek and Louis Sciannamblo

Spacebro Justice Rocket is a cooperative rhythm battle game controlled by high fives, fist pounds, and elbow bumps. You play as space-faring law enforcers sent to take down the evil intergalactic Robobaboon. You and your partner are issued state-of-the-art High-5000 controllers, which are powered by the platonic energy that you share. Use these to execute complex sequences of bro maneuvers to take that metal monkey down.

w3-SpaceBro Poster6small


By Pierre Depaz and Josh Raab

Agency is a single-player text-based game about being a government Inspector, inspired by one of the jam games made earlier on for the incubator, Welcome, Inspector. Built using Twine, the game explores the relationship between morality and necessity, as well as structures of power. Inspired by games such as Papers, Please and The Walking Dead, the creators believe that games offer a uniquely effective means of exploring this sort of moral dilemma, as players are forced to deal with the consequences of their own actions.



By Anh Chi Bui, Winnie Song

DRUNKWALK is a game about calling it a night – Let your heavy head lead your stumbling feet to your final destination: a bed.





By Ashwath George, Andrew Goudreau, Li Zhi He, Ana Tavera Mendoza

poster 3Red-Handed is an isometric stealth game without combat.

You are an intelligence operative infiltrating an enemy base, disguised as an enemy soldier.

You must gather information, obtain vital documents and generally attempt to destabilize the enemy war effort.

You are also a fox.

You cannot hide in the shadows, you cannot sneak through vents; all of your espionage activities will be conducted in broad daylight, under the noses of high-ranking enemy officers.

Try not to arouse suspicion.



By Kim Hoang, Hamish Lambert, Zachary Soares, and Ben Swinden

Mouffe is a relax-em-up daydream-simulator game played in a tent using a quilt as a controller. It’s about escaping into a quiet, intimate place and exploring it, by yourself or with friends.

Mouffe is an experiment in visual immersion and tactile satisfaction.


Jam Games

StereoHead: RoadTrippin’

By Pierre Depaz, Louis Sciannamblo and Zachary Soares

StereoHead: RoadTrippin’ is a rhythm-based endless runner that engages the player to run and jump to a premade beat. As the song gets produced randomly in the background players are able to view a unique landscape. Don’t fall off the painted lines or else you won’t be able to experience a whole new retro world!

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By Hamish Lambert, Ana Tavera Mendoza, Josh Raab and Ben Swinden

Shimmy is a jiggly, jiggly 2D physics platformer. Warp time and hurtle through space on your quest to reach the elusive “goal”. Embrace the chaos!

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Long-Distance R’lyehtionship

By Anh Chi Bui, Ashwath George, Kim Hoang, Andrew Goudreau and Tuuli Saarinen

Have you ever dreamt of falling in love with an Elder God? Has your mind longed for the embrace of nebulae, tentacles, and abyssal beings? If you answered yes, Long Distance R’lyehtionship is the relationship game for you.

Love! Intrigue! Feels! Schemes! Spaceships! Pugs!
Pugs! You will understand everything once you have experienced the magnificence of her slobbery being. You will understand eternity AND BEYOND!

Long Distance R’lyehtionship is a dating sim for the dating-sim-less fans of Lovecraft and Sci-fi.

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The F.O.U.R

By Patrick Chan, Li Zhi He, Nicholas Kornek and Winnie Song

The world was utopic, once…

Now, as the shadow of the dying star grows ever closer to our planet, our scientists have assured us that if all four nations pool their resources together, we could construct one massive ship with which to escape the armageddon. The only problem, however, is that the ship would only be large enough to fit one country’s people.

Without each other, we will not survive…
With each other, we will not survive…

The F.O.U.R. is a game of diplomacy in reverse. Take control of one of four countries, the Ferrous Empire, Oceanic Federation, United Agrarian Territories, or the Republic of Naphthalia, who begin as allies and work together to complete the great ship, but never forget that when the dying star arrives, only one nation will escape to safety. Try to keep the peace so that you will be elected to go forth into the stars, or build a massive army to take your salvation by force. The choice is yours.

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By Zachary Soares and Ben Swinden

Subsea is a small musical game played using a midi controller with 16 pads and a knob. Steer yourself through a milky protoplasm. Wake the quiet creatures to create a dynamic soundscape.

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By Patrick Chan, Pierre Depaz, and Winnie Song

LIGHTRAFT is a bullet-hell game in which hell is the vast, never-ending reaches of outer space. Clumsily drifting through a backdrop of glimmering stars, the player has to avoid being hit by halos of colours, remains of forgotten supernovas. The only way to survive through the cosmos is to adjust the faders and knobs on the appropriate starboard controller to modify the thickness, rotation, scale and color of the ship’s shields. Mimicking the properties of these stardusts will make them fade away forever.

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By Kim Hoang, Hamish Lambert, and Tuuli Saarinen

Moooff is a relax-em-up daydream-simulator game where the controller is an interactive blanket. The player lies down on the blanket and the game world is projected above them. The goal of the game is to relax and play around with this nature-focused interactive toy.




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Spacebro Justice Rocket

By Anh Chi Bui, Nick Kornek, Louis Sciannamblo and Josh Raab

Spacebro Justice Rocket is a cooperative rhythm battle game controlled by high fives, fist pounds, and elbow bumps. You play as intergalactic law enforcers sent to take down the gorilla robot overlord of Pixel Tokyo. You and your partner are issued state-of-the-art High-5000 controllers, which can detect pressure on more than 2 parts of the arm and hand. Use these to execute complex sequences of bro maneuvers to take that metal bastard down.

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By Andrew Goudreau, Ashwath George, Li Zhi He and Ana Tavera Mendoza

Red-Handed is a stealth exploration game with a purposefully uncomfortable interface where you play as a spy working for the Fox Populi. You are infiltrating an enemy base to steal intelligence. However, the base is rife with patrolling officers who interrogate anyone exhibiting suspicious behavior, and it is up to you to make sure that the Spy goes through with his mission without panicking.

When confronted by guards, the player must quickly choose an appropriate excuse for their presence lest they get arrested.

The key to this game is to keep a steady hand over an ultrasonic proximity sensor, as failure to do so could result in indefinite incarceration, or worse.

Controls: Directional keys made of dough, ultrasonic proximity sensor.

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By Patrick Chan, Kim Hoang Louis Sciannamblo and Ben Swinden

Are you ready to get this party started? Are you ready to raise the roof? Are you ready to yell random things?

Animoke combines aspects of Wario Ware-style mini-games with the fun of belting out your best karaoke. Get some friends together and sing* some tunes while weird, adorable animals dance it out for you.

bear spritesheet small

What you say and do are mixed into the game’s soundtrack, creating a unique jam every time for you and your friends to laugh at and enjoy. If you’re looking for a party game that helps you be the life of the party, Animoke is the game for you!


*Singing may or may not actually be just making weird noises.


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Welcome, Inspector

By Pierre Depaz, Andrew Goudreau, Li Zhi He, Josh Raab and Tuuli Saarinen

Welcome, Inspector takes place in an alternate reality where the United States has become a capitalist dystopia, run by megacorporations and plagued by systemic corruption.

welcomeinspector01smallThe game is a new take on games like Mafia and Werewolf, using sensory deprivation and stimulation to explore different dynamics and emotions in an interrogation situation. It is a local multiplayer for 5 people, where one of the players takes on the role of an inspector, and the other four assume the roles of different people who are suspected for being involved in the next anti-capitalist attack.


The suspects have been brought in for interrogation at the B.E.A.R’s* secret Assessment and Rehabilitation Facility, and have been placed in the facility’s darkened Sensory Deprivation Chamber. Inspector 0553 (the fifth player) is in charge of their interrogation. If they collaborate, they might walk free, but if they are involved in the attack, they will protect their information at all costs, even if it means going to jail, or worse.

*Bureau of Economic Assessment and Rehabilitation

welcome inspector


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Wasted Night

By Zachary Soares, Anh Chi Bui, Ana Tavera Mendoza and Winnie Song

It’s late Thursday night, you just got home from a crazy party and you’re just done. You just want to go to bed and it should be a straight walk down the hallway to your bedroom.


The player needs to control a drunk person using a Playstation Move controller while the camera and the environment is shaking and tilting as if you’re drunk. 

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Green Screen Team!

By Nick Kornek, Ashwath George, Hamish Lambert, Chris Olimpo


Action stars always seem to pull off amazing stunts, but they would be nowhere without special effects. GREEN SCREEN TEAM casts you and your friends as the invisible crew working behind the scenes to make the star look great. Lift them, pose them, hold them in mid air! No effect is impossible for the Green Screen Team!

green screen video



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By Ashwath George, Tuuli Saarinen, Louis Sciannamblo and Zachary Soares

Building1This interactive narrative game with exploration elements is about the fleeting moments and encounters that people have with each other in the city. The creators are interested in the social distance that exists in large cities and the inability to reach out to other people. The story is different every time that you play, and the creators expect that people will be able to map their own experiences onto the gameplay. What’s common to all the different stories is that the player finds themself alone in a crowd and notices someone whom they are drawn to – as they try to follow and reach them, different obstacles get in the way. 

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Weird Neighbourhood

By Anh Chi Bui, Pierre Depaz, Hamish Lambert and Ben Swinden


WEIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD is a surreal exploration game where the player helps to restore parts of a neighbourhood. You’ve just moved into an abandoned area of Inner-City and many of the spaces are in disrepair.

This is a game about abandoned spaces and overlooked areas and people. Featuring hand-drawn animations with a multi-layered soundscape that changes and evolves as you restore the neighbourhood, everything that you see is meant to be interacted with. You, the player, get to choose how you affect the world around you. 

Download: PC
Download: MAC

Art & Code: Ben Swinden
Animation: Hamish Lambert
Code: Anh Chi Bui
Sound: Pierre Depaz

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Infinite Soccer

By Andrew Goudreau, Kim Hoang, Nick Kornek and Ana Tavera Mendoza

What the heck is infinite soccer?

What isn’t infinite soccer?

This game is basically soccer across an infinite number of soccer fields without all the pesky rules but all of the fun of ice cream. 
Infinite SoccerVictory
This game features local multiplayer for up to 4 players and vuvuzelas. Don’t be afraid – the ice cream god holds us all within his hands.


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By Li Zhi He, Josh Raab and Winnie Song

Still2STILL is an atmospheric exploration game where the player wanders around a place that is inspired by the creators’ hometowns. The main character remembers snippets of memories from when they were younger as the player explores the environment. Depending on the narrative, the main character changes, growing bigger or smaller in relation to the world. The environment itself also responds to the player’s exploration. The name of the game refers to “still” being in your hometown, or standing still. 


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Year 2013

Final Games

Assembling Rosie

By Rivet Media: Charlotte Fisher, Andy Lunga and Jessica Rose Marcotte

Assembling Rosie is a game that explores the perpetuation of stereotypes related to women and their life choices. Play Rosie as she quests for brains, meets other zombies, and explores some of the objects and types that make up the cultural expectations surrounding gender.


Listen to the team talk about the game on CBC Quebec AM.

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Skipping Stones

By KO-OP Mode members: Saleem Dabbous, Ramsey Kharroubi, G.P. Lackey, and Bronson Zgeb

“each fragment filtered lakelight
leaves were mosaics of stained glass
cast shades opaque and lovely
we hid in driftwood castles”

Skipping Stones is a generative music and exploration game set by a lake-side clearing, where players skip stones over the water, and listen to the music that they make. Featuring a generative sound and poetry engine, Skipping Stones is an experimental game that explores the emotions and trauma surrounding the loss of life. It’s about the need to sometimes leave the city, be alone with your thoughts, and wonder at the beauty and tragedy of life.


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Rat Story

By Pajman Sarafzadeh, Oliver Philbin Briscoe, Katia Zenava, Nadia Miltcheva

Find food, avoid toxins, help the human child see another day and for goodness sakes, look out for the Cat! Be the Rat and tell your story about how you managed to survive in a toxic, poisonous, irradiated human Ship Breaking facility and show the humans a thing or two about being humane. The team came together to create this game with the common goal of bringing attention to the horrible conditions that exist in the developing world as they develop economies by recycling our waste.

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War Agent

By Mehrdad Dehdashti. Alexandre Kishka, Thuy Linh Tran, Elise Hamzaoglu

A war between two nations is imminent. There is opportunity to make profit out of the incoming war.

War Agent is a high score, fast paced resource management game that puts the player in the place of a war profiteer. The game explores the world of war profiteering and how greed can lead to unforeseen consequences on a global scale.


? A wide array of weapons including armored vehicles, aircraft and missile launchers
? Complete in-game interactive tutorial
? Complex government and population system that gets affected by the ongoing war
? Ability to bribe or eliminate the government
? Ability to fund the media to influence the population
? Witness real time consequences of war on the population
? More than 10 different random events
? Immersive sounds and music
? 33 different achievements

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