Critical Hit is an incubator that hatches experimental, avant-garde, unique, and otherwise innovative games that might not get made in a commercial ecosystem. It welcomes all aspiring makers, including students, indie developers, new media artists, and hobby developers. Each year, Critical Hit focuses on a new subset of game design, continually innovating and testing cutting-edge game development pedagogies. Critical Hit was born from a partnership between Concordia’s Technoculture Art and Games (TAG) Centre and Dawson College, and represents the vision of the founders of TAG, Lynn Hughes & Bart Simon, and Shawn Bell, head of interactive media arts at Dawson.

This year’s Critical Hit, “Wearable Games,” centres on wearable technology. Our goal is to explore the potential of devices such as fitness bands, smart watches, augmented reality headsets, and intelligent textiles in game design. Not only will participants will have the opportunity to work with commercial products, but they will also be making their own wearable devices as well. The program will be divided into a series of two-week long “game jams,” during each of which participants will have a new device to work with.

At the end of August, most participants will move on – returning to school or their careers. But we will be able to support a handful of participants as they continue refining and polishing their creations.

Critical Hit: Wearable Games runs from June 15 to August 21, 2015.




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Our Partners

Technoculture Art and Games (TAG) Resource Centre

TAG is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform for research/creation in game studies and design, digital culture and interactive art. Based at Concordia University in Montreal, TAG brings together scholars, artists, designers, engineers and students from across faculties and disciplines. Participants are from a variety of universities, the game development industry and community based groups.

Dawson CEGEP

Dawson College, situated near the heart of downtown Montreal, is the largest CEGEP in the province of Quebec. It has a student population of approximately eight thousand day students and three thousand evening students enrolled in more than fifty fields of study.


The Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies brings together artists/researchers from Concordia University’s faculties of Fine Arts, Arts and Science, and Engineering and Computer Science within an environment fostering leading edge work in a broad range of interdisciplinary domains relating to new media art, design and technology.

Safer-Space Environment

Critical Hit and TAG are dedicated to fostering a safer-space environment at all events: this means creating a space where all people, of any orientation, gender identity, and race, are respected and accepted. Harassment is not tolerated.

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